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What you have told us so far

Feedback gathered via the website and the public exhibition has been generally supportive of Linden’s proposals to redevelop the site with a residential development that includes limited commercial space.

Here is what you have told us so far:

The height, design and materials of the new development should not be out of keeping with the surrounding buildings

Commercial space should include a local shop, art/creative workshops, light industrial space for maritime uses and community facilities

The new development should maintain the existing footprint of the warehouse

Protection and improvement of the ‘harbourside loop’ is very important

Parking provision will be key, as will cycle storage space

If you have other ideas or suggestions you would like us to consider please visit the feedback page and let us know what you think.


What next?

Linden Homes and the project team are currently in the process of preparing the pre-application submission to Bristol City Council. Included in this submission will be the outline of a draft scheme and statements from various disciplines including heritage, transport, noise, public engagement etc.

After pre-application documents have been submitted the conversations with the Council can formally begin. These will continue, mostly likely, until the end of the summer. At this time, Linden hopes to have a scheme that is generally supported by the Council, local residents and stakeholders and is financially viable to deliver. If this is the case a further round of public consultation will be conducted and Linden will look to submit a planning application by the end of 2012.


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